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Gutter Cleaning or Gutter Restoring?

“No thanks, Just clean my roof” A lot of homeowners confuse gutter cleaning and gutter restoring. They’ve decided to get their roof cleaned because of the ugly black stains ruining the look of their otherwise beautiful home but decline a gutter cleaning. This would be like cleaning your car but not the wheels and tires. […]

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Quick Estimates For Roof Cleaning

Many people ask how it’s possible to provide an estimate for a roof cleaning in 5-10 minutes and without actually driving to the property to inspect the roof stains. Some customers have even dropped a roof cleaning contractor from consideration because they were not going to estimate their roof cleaning in person. Still, others are […]

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Roof Cleaner Review

I’m not going to mention the name of this product only because I don’t want to increase their “link juice” and increase their page ranking. If you want to, google “roof cleaner EZ pouches” and you’ll find their name and website. First, let’s look at the marketing gimmick… “Roof Cleaner: Biodegradable , NO chlorine bleach, […]

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Choosing a Roof Cleaning Contractor

So you’ve finally got tired of seeing the black roof stains grow and grow and grow on your roof. You’ve done your research and learned it’s not jet fuel or pollution and that you don’t need a new roof. You’ve also learned that the expensive DIY roof cleaning products don’t work by researching on the […]

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