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Gutter Cleaning or Gutter Restoring?

Written By: Neal - Jul• 09•11

“No thanks, Just clean my roof”

A lot of homeowners confuse gutter cleaning and gutter restoring. They’ve decided to get their roof cleaned because of the ugly black stains ruining the look of their otherwise beautiful home but decline a gutter cleaning. This would be like cleaning your car but not the wheels and tires. I think it’s a problem in terminology. To most people, gutter cleaning is removing the leaves and sticks from the inside of the gutters. To the roof cleaning contractor, it is an additional service but an important option.

If the roof stains bother you to the point you’ve researched and are considering a roof cleaning then I encourage you to consider a gutter cleaning…..I mean, a gutter face restoring. Those unsightly roof stains are dominating the visual. It’s a trick of the eye and the mind. I assure you, after the roof looks brand new from a cleaning, the dark stripped stains on the gutters will stand out as the new eyesore…taking the place of the roof as the dominate visual.

You are buying curb appeal…

So, you are probably wondering why this is not included in the roof cleaning price? The answer is because not all roof cleaners offer the gutter restoring. It adds between 15% and 25% to the job costs ($75-$120) depending on the home size and design. By including it in the price, it confuses the bidding process in favor of the low bidder.  Another reason is that the roof cleaning detergent will not clean the gutters. Your gutters are made of a different material requiring a totally different cleaning process.

This process requires a soft brush and a special cleaner that will break the bond between the oxidized paint and the dirt. If you don’t clean both the oxidation and dirt at the same time, you will not be able to clean the gutters.

The largest cost in a roof cleaning (or house wash) is mobilization/demobilization ( the travel, set up, load up and return travel). Nearly half the labor and materials goes into this. You would likely pay double for the gutter restoring if you decided later that they in fact did ruin the look of your home with it’s newly cleaned roof….all because of the trip charge.

I highly recommend getting the gutter face cleaning or restoring if your roof cleaning contractor offers this service.

Let’s let the images speak for themselves…..

Pictures Provided by Over The Top Roof Cleaning

Aluminum Gutter Restoring
Gutter stains cleaned

Gutter before cleaning
Gutter after cleaning

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