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Quick Estimates For Roof Cleaning

Written By: Neal - Jul• 05•11

Many people ask how it’s possible to provide an estimate for a roof cleaning in 5-10 minutes and without actually driving to the property to inspect the roof stains. Some customers have even dropped a roof cleaning contractor from consideration because they were not going to estimate their roof cleaning in person. Still, others are impressed with the technology.

First, let me address “free estimates”. Are estimates really free? For a very popular contractor, they might need two full time estimators in a vehicle, with gas and insurance expenses to cover all the requests for quotes. The costs for this, when you combine the labor and auto expenses would be in excess of $80,000 per year. Estimating is basically a function of sales and sales is an operating cost of doing business. It is not free, it is part of a businesses overhead. Just like the roof cleaning insurance, equipment maintenance and administrative functions, it is buried in the roof cleaning invoices. In other words, you pay not just for your estimate but for as many as 3 or more homeowners (depending on closing rate) that do not accept the roof cleaning price and purchase the service. So much for Free.

In time, repeating the same tasks again and again, a person becomes proficient at both the physical task of cleaning a roof and the ability to estimate time and material to do the job. With a  few questions, an image of the home and an address, a professional roof cleaner can easily estimate the job.

Here is an example image…It’s actually half sized!

What more information would a person need to bid the roof cleaning of these roofs?

We can see the roof size, the street access, the height…

In the hands of an experienced roof cleaning estimator, everything they need to price this job is in this image or can be answered by the homeowner. How dark your black streaks are is not really a function of the estimate. The labor is the same and the material cost between a mild vs strong application is a few dollars but even still, this would be a question the homeowner would be asked.

Without the overhead cost of sales/estimators, a contractor that uses this type of technology to provide you with a roof cleaning estimate is really the only true “free estimate”.

There are trades that cannot estimate without a site visit. Because of the nature of an “aerial view”, it’s accessibility on the internet via a desktop computer or mobile device and the fact that the work being estimated is so easily seen, roof cleaning companies can and do take advantage of this and pass that savings through to the homeowners.

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